The „Berliner Fab Lab“ supports young inventors to help them make a start

The Fab Lab in the old "Bötzow-Brauerei" in the Prenzlauer-Berg area is one of the biggest in Germany.

©Christian Bruns

Fashion Future: interview with Christian Bruns from MOON Berlin

Christian Bruns is the founder of the design studio MOON Berlin and has realized the innovative idea of a heatable coat. He can’t imagine a daily...


„Berlin is on the best way to become the Wearable Tech City. “ – An Interview with Thomas Gnahm

The initiator of Wear It festival told us why Berlin is the ideal place for fashiontech industries and why he has got an implanted chip.

© Skarabeos 2017; Foto Elisabeth Grebe, Linz

Skarabeos - theft-proof backpack

The future of fashion lies in "smart" clothing for everyday use. Skarabeos demonstrates and tries to enter the market.


©Premium Group

#FASHIONTECH January 2018: Experts discuss the digitization of the fashion industry

Global players, buyers, startups, influencers, marketing experts and journalists will come together again this year at #FASHIONTECH


©Telekom Fashion Fusion

The Fusion Lab transports fashion in to the future

So-called wearables are no longer just a trend for athletes. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, data glasses and other accessories should make everyday...

© Max Power für AtomLeap

„Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles“-Award for the prosthesis with feeling

On the 14th of December 2017, the startup Ghost was chuffed about winning the “Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles”-Award, which also comes with 10.000...

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