02.07.2019 Interview

An Interview with IVANMAN, the Growhouse Exhibitor An Interview with IVANMAN, the Growhouse Exhibitor

Before Berlin Fashion Week officially started, we met up with the designer Ivanman who is currently presenting his designs at MBFW's Growhouses. In the interview, he gives us insights to his new collection and what the fashion week means to him.
© Ivanman
© Ivanman

The menswear label Ivanman stands for sporty elegance and bright colours. He has been part of Berlin Fashion Week since 2013 and will not take a break this summer. Funded by the Senate Department for Energy and Businesses / Projekt Zukunft, he is a part of the new exhibition concept which takes place at the forecourt of the ewerk. We met with him in person in his studio before Berlin Fashion Week started off.

You are part of the Growhouses this season, which is sponsored by the Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Business. What does this mean for you?

I found out about it about two months ago. I'm very happy to be part of the Growhouses at the forecourt. My designs are changing from high fashion to sportswear. In the current crisis, I do not see a future in the high-fashion sector. I run a lot myself and something has always bothered me about my jerseys, I thought I could produce them myself and specialise in that direction. Last season, I cooperated with Mavic and noticed that there is still a lot of space for me in this specific field. The way I am being presented this year, gives me more time for product development. Putting on a show every five months is quite stressful. I also want to be present in the summer, but my priority is the winter collection.

So it will get even sportier in winter?

I don't necessarily want to have a sportier style. My designs should remain a high-fashion, but include sporty elements. More specifically, I aim to focus on the sport design process. It's really exciting. I want to produce sporty designs, so that they are suitable for you whilst doing sports. I want a mix of functionality and fashion. That's what excites me about fashion. Combining conservative styles with sporty elements.

You are especially dedicated to jogging and cycling. During the winter season, your models wore cycling shoes...

Yes, that was the cooperation with Mavic. We have developed a luxury shoe model using carbon. Athletes are willing to spend a lot on clothes. Especially runners are very vain. I recently showed a friend my first running shorts and he immediately said that they had to be shorter so that the muscles stand out more.

What can we expect from your upcoming presentation?

My main influences, as you said, are cycling and running. This is what my focus lies on. Especially on the processing. Lightness plays a major role. In terms of colours, I've reduced myself because of my use of neon colours. I don't want my designs to be too colourful, therefore I solely focus on two colours.

You have been with the BFW for about seven years. How would you summarise this time?

About five years ago, there was a time when Berlin designers were quite successful internationally. These then moved to London or Paris and were broke after two seasons. There were times when I was told I had to do more and become well known, but that wasn't so important to me. For me it was always important to have continuity.

Do you also present at other Fashion Weeks?

I am in Slovenia, Ljubljana quite often because I also have some customers there. The Fashion Week there is quite small, therefore its focus is very outward-looking. Mainly towards Italy.

What are you especially looking forward to this summer?

To my mum‘s visit.