04.01.2021 Side Event

Berlin Fashion Film Festival Berlin Fashion Film Festival

As part of MBFW, the BFFF will be co-starring in the official fashion calendar for the first time to celebrate the symbiosis of fashion and film. The BFFF presents the most exciting films for fashion designers from the luxury sector and puts the makers of the films on stage.

For the first time ever the Berlin Fashion Film Festival will launch in tandem with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in a digital presentation at Kraftwerk Berlin. The program includes designer talks, film screenings, directors talks, the premiere of the fashion film The Staggering Girl featuring Julianne Moore and Kyle MacLachlan. Together the fashion community and BFFF team have adapted to recent extraordinary circumstances to conceptualize a groundbreaking digital format for these hardworking designers to present their work to the world.

What used to be 30-second TV spots with a focus on product sales are now creative, high-quality, cleverly produced fashion short films – each interpreted differently for the respective distribution channels and designers. As a festival and year-round curated online platform, the BFFF offers networking opportunities between directors, production companies, agencies and brands. In addition, at the end of the BFFF a jury traditionally selects the most exciting fashion films of the year at an award show. As part of the MBFW, the BFFF will for the first time co-host the official fashion calendar to celebrate the symbiosis of the two worlds of fashion and film. The BFFF presents the most exciting films for fashion designers, jewellery designers in general products from the luxury sector and puts the makers of the films on stage. In order for fashion designers to present their creations to a broad audience, experts are needed who know the digital channels and can produce high-quality content accordingly. These experts form the network of the BFFF, which has grown since 2012.

"Berlin is Germany's creative centre. Next to London, Paris and Amsterdam, it is the creative stronghold of Europe, next to Tokyo and New York even worldwide. The connectivity, the historic character - the urbanity and yet serenity of the metropolis offer the necessary openness for an international scene to meet and constantly face new creative challenges. The world meets in Berlin, Berlin is German fashion". – Philipp Ulita, Managing director BFFF Kulturprojekte gGmbH

What synergies can fashion and film form? Both fields are products of creativity and craftsmanship at the highest level. A dress, a trouser suit, the choice of fabric, the cut - the inspirations for the respective pieces flow from a thousand directions. The same applies to film aesthetics – the choice of fabric, the setting, and finally the cut. Culture thrives on stories; when fashion and film meet, new moving and stimulating worlds are created and stirring stories are told.

The jury lineup includes:

  • Zoe Cassavetes (Film director)
  • Lucas Bravo (actor, Emily in Paris)
  • Eleonora Pratelli (Producer)
  • Alina Cho (journalist)
  • Audrey Marnay (actress)
  • Desiree Gruber (Producer, Project Runway)

To find out more about the awards competition and festival visit www.berlinfashionfilmfestival.net.

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