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A Recap of the Exhibitions and Conferences in January 2019

Looking Back at the Conferences of January 2019

Sustainable fashion and fashion-tech are vital elements of Berlin’s current fashion scene. At the conferences, where numerous talks and presentations take place, experts and individuals interested in the industry can inform themselves about these key themes. The international speakers were particularly inspiring.


The #Fashiontech took place on the 15th of January 2019 and inspired many, due to its technology orientated talks and presentations. It started off with an introduction, “Fashioning the Future”, by Ole Tillmann, Anita Tillman and Michael Stracke. It proceeded with various talks and masterclasses, primarily focusing on the topic of “How to transform your organization”. The conference was divided into four sections: #LISTEN!, #LEARN!, #EXPERIENCE! And #BUSINESS!. The international experts structured their keynote presentations accordingly so that they suited these four categories. Afterwards, the audience was encouraged to engage with the speakers and other visitors in the networking area. The interactive masterclasses took place in the conference area of the Kraftwerk Berlin. In this area the visitors had the possibility to gain more knowledge and learn through interactions. The exhibition space offered a display of new fashion-tech related products for the visitors to look at. The shift and digitalization of the industry, was one of the core themes discussed on stage, as well as in the workshops. Sebastian Klauke, CDO of the Otto Group, was the first speaker at #Fashiontech and was a perfect example regarding the matter of digitalization. He spoke about the digitalization of the renowned mail order company, as it is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. Creative director, Justine Leconte, was another example of success through digitalization. The influencer told the audience about how she gained over 400.000 subscribers on YouTube, within the timespan of three years.

Fashiontech, January 2019 ©Ana-Andjelic, ©Offenblende-MIWE, Rebecca-Minkoff

Fashionsustain, the Neonyt Conference

The following day, sustainability was thoroughly discussed. On the 16th of January 2019, the Neonyt conference, Fashionsustain, took place in the Kraftwerk Berlin. Everything revolved around sustainability and the seasons main theme: water. The entire conference was moderated by the well-known reporter Vanessa de Lacaze. At 10:30 the Neonyt show director, Thimo Schwenzfeier, and sustainability expert, Max Gilgenmann held a short introduction about the conferences key theme. We were highly impressed by Clare Press’ keynote presentation, titled “We are water. Inspiration and Respiration for Fashion”. During her keynote, the Vogue editor-at-large for sustainability, put a lot of emphasis on how important water is for our planet and that we should not waste this vital resource. Throughout the course of the day, numerous off- and onstage sessions took place, in which the matter was discussed by a variety of businesses. During the breaks the visitors had the opportunity to approach the speakers and ask questions.

Fashionsustain, January 2019, Clare Press, ©DM

Looking Back at the Exhibitions of January 2019

In the previous season of the Berlin Fashion Week, six fashion related exhibitions took place, in which fashion related lifestyle products were displayed for trade visitors and buyers. All of these had their own concepts and different focal points. Sustainability and fair fashion also played an important role at the exhibitions.


The Premium exhibition opened its doors for German and international industry experts, who were eager to discover more about fashion and its newest trends. Its new location and newly developed floorplan, in Luckenwalder Straße, attracted many visitors. The brands were categorized into specific groups, following some certain criteria. For example, if visitors were interested in more expensive brands, they were lead to the so called Sophisticated Contemporary hall. In order to attract the interest of the buyers, curated “key looks”, “key stories” and “key items” were exhibited at the individual stands. Due to this, the exhibition seemed more focused than in the previous seasons. Environmental protection and sustainability were also an aspect of Premium. Aside of their collection, ECOALF and the artist Juan Garaizabal, exhibited their collection and main mission in the courtyard, in front of Premiums entrance. “Stop Talking, Start Acting” was their motto and inspiration. The clear mission statement of the installation was “Because there is no Planet B”.

Premium January 2019, ©Offenblende

Show & Order X Premium

The Show & Order exhibited a variety of fashion related lifestyle products on six floors. The exhibition space was curated accordingly and each floor was named after a different city. The visitors walked around the exhibition space freely and got inspired by the stories told by the individual brands.

Show & Order January 2019, ©Offenblende


Aside of having an insight to the most current street and urban wear brands, the visitors were served cake and prosecco. This is how Seek celebrated its 10-year anniversary and simultaneously thanked their guests for their loyalty. For this occasion, the Seek expanded the trade union’s space, which improved business opportunities. This was appreciated by the visitors and brands. Autonomy, anti-trend, reinvention and tradition played an important role this season. This was made clear by the brands concepts.

SEEK January 2019, ©SEEK


In comparison to last year’s winter season, the visitor rate at the Panorama exhibition has clearly increased. Around 600 brands exhibited their collections for the autumn and winter season 2019/2020. The exhibition space covered nine halls on three different floors. The focal point of Panorama was the digitalization and emotionalization of products.

According to Tagesspiegel, the head of Panorama, Jörg Wichmann announced that future fashion week exhibitions might take place in one collective space. Potentially, on site of the former airport in Tempelhof.

Panorama January 2019, ©Bastian Kempf

Selvedge Run

The visitor record of Panorama was also a benefit for Selvedge Run. For the first time the exhibition took place under the same roof as Panorama. As a separate segment, it was located at the entrance hall of Panorama. Due to its positioning, the trade fair also attracted many trade visitors who primarily came to see Panorama. The fusion of both exhibitions definitely had a positive impact on Selvedge Run.

Selvedge Run January 2019, ©Selvedge Run


 “Changing Fashion Collectively”, was the motto of the global hub for sustainability. With its newly developed concept, Neonyt unites the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin. Sustainability remains to be the number one priority of the exhibition. Around 150 international and national sustainable brands displayed their fashion innovations at the location Kraftwerk Berlin, from the 15th to the 17th of January. Additionally, the Neonyt conference, Fashionsustain took place on the 16th of January.

Neonyt January 2019, ©Neonyt



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