Successful distribution when founding a business.

To establish your business idea in the market successfully, the distribution is one of the most important aspects regarding the founding process and should be a part of the business plan. For this, the offer has to reach the correct target audience through the most fitting distribution channel at the agreed time and in sufficient quantity.

Academic dean for fashion and retail management Elisabeth Busse of Akademie für Mode & Design, explains which distribution channels and types are most fitting for the distribution of a fashion business and how to reach your customers most effectively.

How does one classify potential target audiences?

It’s classic to sort the groups into the sinus-milieus. It’s where socio-cultural data is being put together with cultural data and based on this they cluster “clouds”. Another good way to get closer to the target audience is to create a persona. That means you take a closer look at the customer in depth and try to visualise the gained knowledge. That’s how you can really empathize with the customer.

Which distribution cannel is most fitting?

Regarding the distribution channels, these days it’s not about whether to start online or offline. You should use both channels reasonably for your business.

Which advantages do I get from distributing my products through third-party suppliers?

I wouldn’t recommend for small brands to distribute through third-party suppliers at the beginning. You have to establish the brand in the market first. What I would recommend is to have a look on how you can network until you reach a certain level of popularity.


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