14.01.2019 Interview

Interview mit Marcus Kurz über die Neuerungen der Fashion Week Interview mit Marcus Kurz über die Neuerungen der Fashion Week

Marcus Kurz, CEO of the creative and production agency NOWADAYS and organizer of the MBFW and Berliner Salon answered to our questions about the Group Exhibition of Der Berliner Salon and the new concept of MBFW.
© Ralph Mecke
© Ralph Mecke

Marcus Kurz, CEO of the creative and production agency NOWADAYS and organizer of the MBFW and Berliner Salon spoke to us about the development of the Fashion Week, the change of location of the Berliner Salon, digital innovations and closeness to the end consumer.

The BFW is turning 12. How has Berlin evolved as a fashion location during this period of time?

Looking back, Berlin made it to become one of the most important cities for fashion and trade shows in Germany and has outdone Munich and Düsseldorf. Especially because of relevant exhibitions such as Bright, Premium, Seek or Neonyt. I think that’s a great success.

What has changed since the founding of Der Berliner Salon and Fashion Council as well as the realignment of the MBFW?

With all three initiatives, fashion designer got more choices and contact points. They get access to the local network as well as affordable exhibition places at their domestic market.
The MBFW puts an emphasis on digitality and the connection with the final consumer. With Der Berliner Salon the industry did get a curated framework for German fashion. The German Fashion Council is operating as a big player in the name of German fashion design, with the mission to provide consultation and mentoring all over the year.

After three years Der Berliner Salon is moving to the from Kronprinzenpalais to St. Elisabeth Church. What has caused this decision?

First of all, we had to move, because we couldn’t stay at Kronprinzenpalais any longer due to reconstructions. But we’re very happy to have found such exceptional and vibrant venues as St Elisabeth church and Villa Elisabeth which underline the new concept of the MBFW.

What can we expect of this seasons group exhibition? What are you looking forward to the most?

Already last year we adjusted the concept and integrated product and interior design, to showcase a representative cross section of German design. This season we will take it one step further. Of course, there will be the individual performances of each label. But the group exhibition will be far more installative, by staging a mixed curated overall installation. The look of the designer participating, will be combined freely for the first time. It’s more like an art project but a presentation of brands solely. On top we can fulfill the request of our guests by giving more time to network within an additional cocktail hour and DJ Set.

Due to the Livestream at the MBFW, the topic digitality has gained more space to develop. In the upcoming season virtual reality will be an addition to this specific field.
This January we’ll planning to reduce the distance to the audience with Virtual Reality by looking into event rooms or show concepts 360°. For now, this is something for the geeky follower, who can apply certain functions. In the long run wewant to expand this topic to provide even more background information and perspectives for the platform.

Das Thema Digitalität hat durch den Livestream bereits mehr Raum bekommen bei der MBFW. Nun soll Virtual Reality dazukommen. Wie kann man sich das vorstellen?

Wir planen hier im Januar erste Schritte und wollen die Distanz zum Zuschauer durch Virtual Reality noch weiter verringern - indem man sich z.B. Veranstaltungsräume oder Show-Konzepte virtuell ansehen kann und 360° erlebt. Das funktioniert erst einmal für technisch versierte Follower, die die entsprechenden Möglichkeiten schon anwenden können. Langfristig möchten wir dieses Thema weiter ausbauen und so noch mehr Hintergründe und Perspektiven zur Plattform bieten.

The concept of the MBFW is to make fashion as much accessible as possible for the end consumer. How did you refine the concept?

We started the relaunch of the MBFW exactly with this focus last January and we invited the end consumer to be a part of the MBFW. We first put up a huge LED Livestream Wall in January, and then expanded with a meeting area with a food market and more relevant offers. This season we’ll be also offering a public exhibition as well as public viewing at KUBO at the front yard. There will a be a Livestream on the website and everyone can follow us on Social all over the year. Above all we want to excite people for fashion, to open the discourse for fashion and ensure insights into the fashion industry, which has been lacking in Germany so far.