05.05.2020 Interview

Lala Berlin in times of the Covid-19 crisis Lala Berlin in times of the Covid-19 crisis

E-commerce and daily streams on social media channels - this is how the Berlin-based label Lala Berlin spreads positive vibes even during the coronacrisis.
Leyla Piedayesh © Lottermann & Fuentes
Leyla Piedayesh © Lottermann & Fuentes

Since 2004, designer Leyla Piedayesh has been producing eye-catching and aesthetic designs of the highest quality with her fashion label Lala Berlin. Every single piece refers to her life story and expresses a strong identity. Even in the midst of the corona pandemic she maintains this image, even if the label has to be prepared for certain changes.

In our interview, the ambitious designer tells us how her label is responding to the challenges posed by the coronacrisis, how she lifts the spirits of her fans in Instagram stories, as well as what she thinks Berlin’s fashion industry could look like after the crisis.

What has changed for Lala Berlin due to the Covid-19 crisis?

Due to the fact that our boutiques in Berlin and Copenhagen are closed, the wholesale business and sales are currently limited to e-commerce. Secondly, all employees are working from home now, which means that there are a number of new challenges.

What will Berlin’s fashion industry look like after the crisis?

I think that Berlin has already proven itself in numerous crisis and will survive this one too. I can’t predict what the fashion industry will look like after the crisis. But, Lala Berlin has cancelled a collection, in order to prevent the market from being flooded with products. I can imagine that this will occur in many other cases as well.

Are you more invested in digital means to reach your fans? Has anything good come out of the crisis for Lala Berlin?

The trend of creating digital experiences has been going on for a while now. The crisis has accelerated this trend and it will certainly continue to play a role in our day to day communication even after the crisis.

We stream morning messages from my home office on a daily basis. This is where I can share ideas, especially positive thoughts for inspiration. For the first time, I’m the one in front of the camera aiming to spread positive energy and tips or even encouraging people to dance, since that is what makes people happy - especially during isolation.

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