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The Fusion Lab transports fashion in to the future

So-called wearables are no longer just a trend for athletes. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, data glasses and other accessories should make everyday life easier for the person who wears them. They monitor body functions, collect a variety of data and thus contribute to the well-being of the health. The next step in the evolution of this smart technology is the fashion industry, which in the future will increasingly merge technology and IT industries.

A competition that wants to drive this promising business forward and promote new innovative ideas is the fashion fusion initiated by Telekom. The competition took place for the first time in 2016 and this year too, fashion enthusiasts and inventors from all over Europe could and can participate and present their ideas in the three categories "Connected Devices & Smart Accessories", "Business Solutions & Smart Services", "Haute Couture & Develop, share and introduce Show Fashion". The winning team will ultimately win 20,000 euros.

The fashion fusion is not just about the competition and the prize money. Rather, new and creative ideas, their inventors and the associated startups should be promoted and inspired. In addition, software and hardware developers, marketing experts and fashion designers meet in a three-month workshop, the Fusion Lab in Berlin, to learn new skills, inspire and help each other with their projects: Technicians can sit down at the sewing machine and fashion designers deal with software and 3D printers. A quick overview to last years highlights :

  • a smart wallet that charges your smartphone while you're out and about
  • Sportswear consisting of amino acids and proteins, which protect the wearer from UV radiation, which should support blood circulation and the immune system
  • Sportswear that uses a sensor-based system to monitor athletic activity, gather data and pass it on to augmented reality glasses along with tips for better training

Last years winners were:

Category: Connected Devices & Accessories
TRAINWEAR: Pure motivation − a virtual personal trainer integrated in sophisticated sportswear.

Category: Smart Services
MIMEME: Fashion doesn’t have to be physical! An augmented reality app creates fashion through digital projections.

Category: Digitally Enhanced Fashion
TRANSWARM ENTITIES: A fusion of 3D printing and drone technology culminates in a striking fashion performance.

Fusion Lab 2018

Which creative innovations this year will bring is not yet known. Ten selected teams will work on their ideas and develop them from February to May 2018 with the help of fashion industry professionals and economists. In addition, they can also network with other young companies and participate in industry lectures. Finally, the winners of the competition will be announced and presented at an exclusive award show.

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