In a mini-series, which is divided into three parts, we will publish interviews with three of the speakers of the #FASHIONTECH conference. The second interviewee is the designer Michael Michalsky.
Michael Michalsky ©Jet Set
Michael Michalsky ©Jet Set

Michael Michalsky is the founder and Head Designer of the fashion label Michalsky as well as Michalsky Living. Besides his fashion business, Michalsky runs the Michalsky DesignLab Agency. Recently, he was assigned as Creative Director at the 90’s cult brand Jet Set, which was re-launched in January 2019 and that will be presented at PREMIUM during Berlin Fashion Week. On the #FASHIONTECH stage he is going to talk about fashion and music and how they influence each other.

What can the fashion industry learn from the music business in terms of digital transformation?

The music industry is a good example of how to almost miss the boat. For a long time they didn’t know how to adjust to innovation and a change in consumer behaviour. After years of confusion it is now accepted that music is consumed in lots of different ways. Some people buy vinyl, some use streaming services, others listen to the radio and many want to experience music live at concerts or festivals. At the end of the day it is all about a personal experience and it’s the same with fashion.

Streetwear and Hypebeasts are taking over fashion. What role does music play in this process?

Fashion is an extension of what artists want to express with their music. This started in the golden age of MTV when you needed to have a special style to visualise your music. Madonna, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Grandmaster Flash or the Beastie Boys, they were all Hypebeasts of their time and were strongly inspired by what was worn in the streets. What was more unique and unusual then though was the use of fashion brands in lyrics. We all remember: ”Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci … this man is dressed to kill” of the famous Sister Sledge song ”He’s the Greatest Dancer”. Today, almost every second song features fashion or lifestyle brands in their lyrics.

What’s next in regard to the digital transformation of the fashion industry?

In a few years everybody will have an avatar of themselves which will help us to experience fashion brands in a lot of different ways than we know today. And of course our own avatar will help us when we shop online.