The Speakers of the #FASHIONTECH, Part 3: BRIAN GREVY, CEO GANT The Speakers of the #FASHIONTECH, Part 3: BRIAN GREVY, CEO GANT

The last interview partner in our three-part short series on #FASHIONTECH speakers is Brian Grevy, CEO of GANT.
Brian Grevy ©GANT
Brian Grevy ©GANT

The traditional company GANT, founded in 1949, has ever since been reinvented constantly. Today, the brand is an example of digitisation and omnichannel shopping. Brian Grevy, the CEO of GANT will speak about “Digitalisation along the whole supply chain” at the #FASHIONTECH. In our interview he answered three questions.

What factors are crucial when transforming a legacy brand like Gant, making it fit for the digital age?

The most important factors are, first always start with the consumer. I know we talk about this as the digital age, but at GANT we always think about it as what is the most beneficial, convenient and valuable for our consumer, and that goes for all touchpoints. This is not a question of being digitally-focused it's about being human-focused. Then equally important to that, is to stay true to who we are as a brand, to know what our purpose is and what we want to bring to the table. This not only includes the great products we produce but also how and what we choose to do as a company to communicate.

What are your customers’ expectations in regard to their (digital) experience with Gant? 

They expect the best. They expect quality in all aspects of their experience, inspiration, convenience, selection and more. At the same time, we believe they also expect us to give them more than they get through our great products. They want their meeting with GANT to give them something special. This is something we consider constantly, which is evident within our campaigns, such as Couple Thinkers and Flipping the Ladder, as well as innovations and sustainability efforts which we apply to our products.

What’s next in regard to the digital transformation of the fashion industry?

One aspect of that is, what the consumer gets out of their contact with brands. We strongly believe and hope that the fashion industry will start thinking wider in the range it offers. All brands have a big voice and we should use that to give the consumers value, content regarding topics and interests we share with our consumers. The other aspect of this question is what digital transformation gives the brands when it comes to creation, selling, customisation and delivery of products and here I think we will see that the focus will be on the experience, individualisation, and convenience for the consumer. The consumer is at the center, therefore it is important to stay focused on their needs and wants. On the other hand, it is also important to surprise the customers occasionally with possibilities they never knew even existed. 

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