I' VR ISABEL VOLLRATH Retrospective 19 (MBFW)

Side event

Wednesday 16.01.2019
09:00 - 21:00


Takes place all day.


I’VR Isabel Vollrath merges fashion and art. Dresses become sculptures and outfits resemble collages. Isabel Vollrath’s designs transcend clothing, each piece is spun with a golden wit. Signature silhouettes are structural, abstract pieces that caress the female figure and express the designer’s fierce passion for extraordinary textures and high-end details, while displaying her strong background in bespoke tailoring. The Berlin designer’s narrative collections utilize unusual techniques and materials to tell rich stories, or communicate political statements. Mosaics, embroidery, prints, and pleating are all employed to express her poetic vision.
2015, as graduate of Berlin’s prestigious Weißensee School of Art, she established her label I’ VR ISABEL VOLLRATH. Ever since, she shows her collections twice a year during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin or in the context of Berlin Salon / Vogue Salon.

With "Retrospective19" she invites the visitor to follow an installative time travel and look upon from near to high-lights of her collections' archive.

Contact: press@isabelvollrath.com



Side event Exhibition

ewerk Berlin, Wilhelmstraße 43, 10117 Berlin