„Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles“-Award for the prosthesis with feeling


Thursday 21.12.2017


On the 14th of December 2017, the startup Ghost was chuffed about winning the “Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles”-Award, which also comes with 10.000 euros and was initiated by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. The visionary idea, which led its founders Laura Bücheler and Isabella Hillmer to the success: a prosthesis, that is supposed to give back people, that are affected by nerve damages or an amputated arm, a sense of temperature.  Laura Bücheler already works in biomedicine and Isabella Hillmer is experienced in psychology and industrial design. Their invention could make expensive and complicated surgery redundant.

© Max Power for AtomLeap, the founders and winners of the award next to the undersecretary Christian Rickerts

Before the two winners were chosen by the jury of experts, consisting of Thomas Andrae (Linden Capital), Olaf Bender (DIN), Tim Dümichen (KPMG), Alexander Kölpin (WestTech Ventures), Tanja Mühlhans (SenWEB), Bettine Schmitz (AS Plug & Play) and Stephan Schulze (IBB), the four finalists passed an accelerator-programme until November 2017, where the teams or startups could work on their ideas and get them ready for the market.

One winner, four pioneering smart wearable ideas

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs had a change to get in touch with successful companies at appropriate events to build the foundation for a promising network. This way, the three other finalists were able to present the potential of their ideas and prepare a promising path for the future. These ideas had following concepts:

  • Smarterials constructed a surgery glove made of two-layered material, which doesn’t affect the wearer’s tactile sensation, but at the same time provides more needed protection.
  • The smart glasses by AiServe helps visually impaired people orientate with voice control and automatic image recognition in their daily life.
  • With a wearable by Shortcut, people with a hand prosthesis can work better on the computer and use a mouse which is barely possible with limited motivity

Admittedly only one team was able to win the award, four young startups formed a foundation for a successful business future and are responsible for innovations in the digitalised medical-area.

Further information about the award: https://projektzukunft.berlin.de/wettbewerbe/laufende-wettbewerbe/smart-wearables-x-smart-textiles-2017.html


© Max Power für AtomLeap © Max Power für AtomLeap