Selvedge Run


Thursday 04.07.2019
10:00 - 17:00


Selvedge Run is a trade show for men’s clothing, shoes and accessories. The focus of Selvedge Run upon brands with a strong affinity with craft. These brands reflect the character of heritage clothing in cuts, material and production methods and are complimented by contemporary brands that innovate with class and distinction. In a time where fashion and trends are produce fast and in an abundance Selvedge Run is showing what quality and hand craft means. The exhibiting and invited brands reject industrial mass production and, instead of following the tyranny of cheap and disposable fashion, they strive to create value and longevity. The brands are also innovators, not only in the field of clothing, but also in the worlds of gastronomy, culture and mobility. They try to find alternatives to the throw-away approach of modern consumerism.