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The market for Wearables is constantly growing and offers huge potential for the future. In the future, it's more likely to stumble across clothing, accessories or other Wearables, which are smart of some sort. Referring to a study by ABI Research, around 18 million smart Wearables will be sold by 2021 every year. Wearables create new value chains: from the idea to the final product they follow a connected production chain, which integrates the electronic components, such as executive yarn, a sensor or as a microchip, directly into the wearable.

Berlin, as a startup-metropolis and with a dense research landscape offers an excellent soil for the development of smart Wearables. By combining the creativity and the technological innovations of studies and the industry, startups and more established companies, all requirements are met for the Fashiontech-Hub: space, creativity and maker.

Fashion Future - Smart Wearable in Berlin

In 2019, the market potential of smart wearables was around $ 15.2 billion.

More than 50 companies in Berlin are already working on smart wearable applications, including ElektroCouture, Newsenselab, Trafopop, Tune Innovations, Kobakant and Moon Berlin, as well as the promising VOJD studios and style.

The Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH has been responsible for location marketing around the topic of Smart Wearable / FashionTech since 2017. On behalf of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises, Berlin Partner developed the campaign "Fashion Future: Smart Wearable." The new sub-website of the berlin Fashion Week bundles all information on the subject and displays thematic events in the calendar News blog about current developments