Soundbrenner Pulse, ©Soundbrenner

Dress and listen: Music Wearables

The music gadgets of the smart generation are wearables creating a whole new music experience.

Orientierungsgürtel ©Feelspace

Smart Navigation: These wearables lead the way

Whether lost in the urban jungle or somewhere in the middle of nowhere – with smart gadgets, it is much easier to find your way than it was in the...

Fabian Vogelsteller, LUKSO ©Beate Wätzel

Interview with Fabian Vogelsteller – co-founder of LUKSO

Fabian Vogelsteller, the Ethereum-developer and co-founder of the fashion-tech-startup LUKSO told us in an interview how the idea of using...

Thomas Schulz, Der Spiegel @#FASHIONTECH

Die Highlights der #FASHIONTECH im Juli 2018

Auf der inzwischen achten Ausgabe der FashionTech-Konferenz und der Auftaktveranstaltung Industry Insights drehte sich in der vergangenen Modewoche...

Third Skin Hy – Marketing Image Blue green ©Third Skin

Hearables – Smart In-Ear Technology

Hearables are fashionable. These in-ear wearables are to make our everyday life easier and they can even save lives.

Blockchain Fashion Transparency ©Martine Jarlgaard Provenance

How blockchain paves its way through the fashion industry

Not only cryptocurrencies can be materialized with this technology, blockchain also paves its way through the fashion industry.

©Marina Hoermanseder & Stilnest

The future of online shopping – new ideas of the fashion industry

E-commerce has become a vital part for the fashion industry. New concepts are to revolutionize the future of our online shopping experience.

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