Projekt Network Nerves ©Telekom Fashion Fusion

Telekom Fashion Fusion – these are the visionary ideas 2018

Clothes, which communicate through LEDs, control apps or monitor the heart rate make up just a small selection of the projects that were submitted for...

Veronika Aumann, screenstoff#2 Blouson / © FOTO: VMA

Screenstoff: A fusion of textiles and technology

Screenstoff combines high-resolution screens with a high-quality dress fabric. There is a wide range of possible applications that go far beyond the...

©Esther Zahn

Interview with e-textile designer Esther Zahn

The founder of UX.FTT, Esther Zahn, is an e-textile designer from Berlin who is dealing with flexible sensors that can be integrated in garments.

Textiles Display ©Fraunhofer-IZM, Fotograf: Volker Mai

Smart Textiles: Developing Research

In Berlin, there are several institutions and projects which follow up on textile research.

©Timo Frank

Interview with LIZZY the drummer and inventor of the 3D-Drum-Dress

The successful drummer and solo-artist LIZZY answered our questions about her person and her invention, the 3D-drum-dress.

©Danckwerth Laboratory, Photo: Timon Beutel

Smart Wearables on the e-health market

Many products are being developed in the field of smart wearables that are not intended for the catwalk. Instead, they are made to make everyday life...

© THE UNSEEN & Max Oppenheim

The Old Economy shows digital courage

More and more established fashion businesses, which belong to the so-called ‘Old Economy’ dare to join the further growing movement of...

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