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Founder of the Smart Wearable Startup Ghost, winner of the  "Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles" award

Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles

In 2017, the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises launched the "Smart Wearable x Smart Textiles" competition with the aim of strengthening smart wearables / FashionTech applications in Berlin, bringing innovative business models to marketability, bring together start-ups with producers, users and market and retail companies with innovation leaders and to strengthen the visibility of the topic nationally and internationally.

The competition started with a call for smart programs / platforms ideas regarding the topic. Here Atomleap prevailed with the accelerator program. In the next phase, startups were sought who participate in this program and develop their ideas with experts. In the Final Demo Day, the selected startups presented their prototypes. The most innovative idea was awarded with 10.000 €.

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Telekom Fashion Fusion Lab

A competition that wants to drive this promising business forward and promote new innovative ideas is the fashion fusion initiated by Telekom. The competition took place for the first time in 2016 and this year too, fashion enthusiasts and inventors from all over Europe could and can participate and present their ideas in the three categories "Connected Devices & Smart Accessories", "Business Solutions & Smart Services", "Haute Couture & Develop, share and introduce Show Fashion". The winning team will ultimately win 20,000 euros.

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