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    Twice a year to the Berlin Fashion Week, the conference format FASHIONTECH, founded by the PREMIUM GROUP, takes place and engages with all topics around innovations and the digitalisation of the fashion industry. Global-players, industry-insiders, communication expert, start-ups and designers get together to discuss developments, potentials and new rudiments within the sector and meet important partners of the network.

  • INAM - Innovation Network for Advanced Materials

    The INAM combines research and industry with start-ups in the field of advanced materials and the associated services. We combine our skills and resources to bring innovation faster to the market.

  • Professional Wearables (ProWear)

    The goal of the network is the research and development of new, proximal devices, sensor, device-combinations and system solutions, which all help to shape work-, production- and medicine processes more effectively which leads to the acquisition of new markets.

  • Prenzlauer Allee 242

    10405 Berlin

    Textile Prototyping Lab

    The Textile Prototyping Lab (TPL) is a research project of five organizations from the fields of textile research, design and economics. It includes the conception, installation and testing of a laboratory for textile prototyping. The three-year project will conclude with the setting up of a suitable business model after it has been rehearsed in different scenarios.

    The entire project is under the theme: Open Innovation. This means research and development under new circumstances: at least a basic set of research and development that is relevant for individual actors is jointly developed and made accessible across its own organizational boundaries.