#FashionTech Berlin

Twice a year to the Berlin Fashion Week, the conference format #FASHIONTECH, founded by the PREMIUM GROUP, takes place and engages with all topics around innovations and the digitalisation of the fashion industry. Global-players, industry-insiders, communication expert, start-ups and designers get together to discuss developments, potentials and new rudiments within the sector and meet important partners of the network.


INAM - Innovation Network for Advanced Materials

The INAM combines research and industry with start-ups in the field of advanced materials and the associated services. We combine our skills and resources to bring innovation faster to the market.


Professional Wearables (ProWear)

The goal of the network is the research and development of new, proximal devices, sensor, device-combinations and system solutions, which all help to shape work-, production- and medicine processes more effectively which leads to the acquisition of new markets.



Texi offers complete solutions for fashion, padding and leather ateliers. Their portfolio contains industrial sewing machines, ironing devices, labelling and sewing accessories. Texi is part of the art and fashion forum supporting talents.


ThePowerHouse is an innovations agency for FashionTech, WearableTechnologies, Internet der Dinge (IoT), Industrie 4.0 and SmartTextiles Manufacturing, and has got broad knowledge and experience in working together with customers and partners to develop and produce innovative fashion- and Wearable-technologies. From ideas, concepts and scouting-markets and -materials, to introduce new products with feasibility analysis to manufacturing solutions - ThePowerHouse works on the point of intersection between industry and design.

Under the single-labels such as ElektroCouture, TheStudio, TheLab and TheAcademy, innovations are researched, prototypes are worked on, trained and at collaborative held events awarded and new developments in the field are discussed.



Wear It Berlin is the first Berlin-based agency for innovation in the region of Wearables Technologies and is organiser of many international established Events, such as the Wear It Festival, the Fashion Hack Day and the "Berliner Tech" -Meetup-group with over 1.100 members. The innovation forum Wear It Hub wants to intensify the activities of the fifestyle-, techno- and Wearable-scene, to deepen the work on individual, critical focal points. Research facilities such as the Faunhofer IZM or industry partners, such as Freyer & Siegel Elektronic GmbH und Co. KG, the Statex Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH, the Strickmanufaktur Zella GmbH and in the field of "User Experience" IXDS are some initiators of the consortiums. Thr DimensionAlley 3D Printing Store is the partner of the field of 3D printing. The "Universität der Künste Berlin" and the "Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee" add to the committee of science and research