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At Berlin Fashion Week, usually twice a year, creative professionals, buyers and media representatives meet to be inspired by the latest trends. 

In September 2021, established highlights such as the runway shows of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week or About You Fashion Week will meet new crossover formats such as the Reference Festival and Berlin Berlin by Highsnobiety. The programmes bridge the gap between contemporary fashion and various creative genres and ensure high media visibility with hybrid and digital forms. The theme of sustainability is at the centre of Berlin Fashion Week with four other formats. Berlin stands for zeitgeist and sustainability in action. Fashion Week thus sharpens its profile and focuses on what Berlin stands for worldwide: subculture, fashion, music and art.

The order business has a constant growth. Last season about 70.000 Professionals, national and international Journalists came to Berlin to see the collections. The result: about 5.000 reports in national and international newspapers, approximately 5.000 online reports.

The Berlin Fashion Week in September 2021 will include:

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 


Fashion Open Studio

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit

BERLIN, BERLIN – Highsnobiety

Reference Festival


Berlin Fashion Film Festival

Wear It Innovation Summit

About You Fashion Week

Date of the Berlin Fashion Week in September 2021
Spring-/Summerseason 2021/2022: 6th - 12th of September 2021

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