Folkdays (Lisa Jaspers und  Heidi Storm)

The fair-fashion label Folkdays from Berlin combines modern design with centuries-old craft tradition from developing and emerging countries. This creates high quality and handmade products with style.


Philomena Zanetti

PHILOMENA ZANETTI is a high-end women's fashion brand, located at the interface between ethics and aesthetics, offering sustainable luxury products. Philomena Zanetti stand for carefully designed and handcrafted quality garments. Each article expresses a linear and pure, yet lively and industrious elegance, with a minimalist color palette that uses only precious and selected materials.


Benu Berlin

Bennu from Egyptian mythology, also known as the "phoenix rising from the ashes", is full of strength and youth - inspiration for the label Benu Berlin. The vision of the designer Karen Jessen is to re-integrate the tailoring trade in Berlin and to present a proposal for a conscious consumption. Benu Berlin therefore focuses on extraordinary techniques and material manipulation that transforms streetwear into wearable artworks.



Since the beginning of the 90s, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler had the idea to make shoes so that individual components can be exchanged and renewed. Environmental regulations and ecological production methods are not only taken into account, but have a direct influence on the design. This creates a durable product that offers the customer a great variety at the same time. The collections were developed in such a way that even small quantities can be produced competitively in Germany and Italy. This proximity to production makes it possible to respond flexibly to individual customer requests while at the same time guaranteeing fast delivery times.



The idea of ​​sustainability was of crucial importance to the founder of Deepmello Anne Bansleben in the development of rhubarb leather. So she managed to realize the production 100% MADE IN GERMANY. All this is done with regional partners and short transport routes. In addition, the strict national requirements for environmental protection and occupational safety are taken into account.



P I AGE is a Berlin fashion label that uses traditional fabrics from Guatemala, but brings them into our European context. It is an individual label, which is characterized by clear lines and should be very portable. A label with background and story.


Natascha von Hirschhausen

The fashion of Natascha von Hirschhausen offers simple elegance, contemporary luxury and transparent sustainability. Handmade in Berlin. Exclusively natural, exclusive materials are controlled along the entire value chain for social and environmental sustainability, thus guaranteeing the best possible standards and pollutant-free materials.


Reinberger Couture

Feminine, sensual, lasting. Stefan Reinberger creates dream samples and business chic made of ecological materials. His label Reinberger Couture was founded in 1998. When dying the cloth - if possible - plant are used.



If you wouldn't know it better, no one would suspect that the stylish clothes from Stoffbruch are really eco-fashion. The fabrics are produced under fair conditions in Europe, designed in Berlin. The focus of the shop is on muted colors in white, black and gray with sophisticated cuts and special materials. Cool understated look, so-called designer streetwear for stylish and environmentally conscious Berliners and even affordable. Recently there is also a second store in Prenzlauer Berg.



Finding pretty shoes made of sustainable materials that no animal had to suffer from is not that easy. At avesu, instead of organic slippers you get really cool boots, boots, slippers and more - and all without leather! And for ladies, men and children. In 2010, the two founders Thomas and Dirk started their shop in a one-room apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, today they already have two branches in Berlin and an online shop.


Malina Sebastian

The name GALLERY MALINA stands for a fashion gallery, which is a symbiosis of fashion & art. The exhibion concept based on a museum installation, which means the collections and products are presented like art works. The regular sale is combined with creative events. Furthermore, the sustainable aspect is a major concern of mine for supporting sustainable and innovative brands with high-quality design. GALLERY MALINA stands for a unique store, which combines culture and fashion in Berlin.


Blue Ben

The Berlin-based company Blue Ben addresses the water consumption in the textile industry. An incredible amount of water goes into producing clothing and the company wants to not just create an awareness but also create alternatives. Their first mission, the #Bangladesh-Sweater – Made FOR instead of IN Bangladesh”, doesn’t just save the water consumption but at the same time gives water through a water project in Bangladesh.


Lucky Nelly

In 2012, Christine Rochlitz found the vegan luxury brand for accessories LUCKYNELlY in Berlin. After her fashion design studies in Bielefeld, it was her goal to show how luxurious and fashionable vegan fashion can be. With different stores located in Berlin and an online shop, she’s well established in the vegan fashion scene and beyond.