Amazingy is an online shop for organic and natural cosmetics, hair care and beauty products. It was founded in 2011 by Floris and Ingrid van Onna from the Netherlands, and holds office in Berlin, Germany. Some of you might know Flow & Ingy better as DJ couple Flowing. Now they run the online shop with the associated magazine and donate part of their sales to charity projects.



compose is berlin-based communication agency that specializes in finding unique storylines. It is a full-service PR agency that focus on sustainable fashion, lifestyle and living and creates ties between brands, press, influencers and consumers.


Fashion Changers

Fashion Changers is a community for bloggers, founded by the influencers Jana Braumüller, Nina Lorenzen and Vreni Jäckle. They work online and offline in order to stand up for new rules in the fashion industry. Their main focus are events that combine the fun of fashion with the critical dealing with industry and the promotion of the exchange. Recently more than 300 multipliers visited the Fashion Changers X prePEEK event in January 2018, which took place in cooperation with the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin during the Berlin Fashion Week. The founders also are coming from the blogosphere and they not only are having the necessary know-how but also a large network.

Future Fashion Forward

The Future Fashion Forward Association promotes education in textile and fashion production. He focuses on sustainability, the environment, social standards and social justice. In reputable meetings, acknowledged expert knowledge is bundled again and again, bringing all information into consumer-friendly formats such as advertising content, brochures and posters. In addition, the association organizes public events to promote an exchange and exchange of expertise between experts and the general public.

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a global campaign that commemorates in more than one hundred countries worldwide on every 24th of april the disaster of Rana Plaza that happened in 2013. The campaign unites individual voices calling for change in the textile sector with the hashtag #Whomademyclothes, and brings fashion producers and consumers together with the answer hashtag #Imadeyourclothes.

With a formulated manifesto Fashion Revolution takes now structural and political steps to demand changes in the textile industry. In addition, the campaign calls for clarification of the situations of individuals working in textile productions. Fashion Revolution publishes the Garnment-Worker-Diaries to show the perspectives of actual fashion designers.

FASHIONSUSTAIN – The incubator for responsible innovation in fashion and textiles

Sustainable Technologies in Fashion and Responsible Innovations: Leave your comfort zone and gain a knowledge advantage. Learn more about the drivers of the fashion and textile industry that will revolutionize the industry and visit FASHIONSUSTAINBERLIN. The unique incubator platform that unites international keynote speakers and new formats of a multidisciplinary, interactive discourse in front of the impressive backdrop of Kraftwerk Berlin.



The INNATEX is the only international natural textile fair in the world, which in addition to the classic clothing sector also includes numerous other textile product groups such as accessories, home textiles, fabrics, toys and more. offers a unique sales and communication platform.



Lissome is an international online magazine and creative agency based in Berlin, that shares wisdom and insights about a progressive and ethical approach to fashion and lifestyle. Since its launch in spring 2016, it has elevated the notion of sustainability in fashion with its high-quality fashion photography and writing, celebrating the unity of aesthetics and purpose.


Neonyt – Global Hub for Fashion, Sustainability and Innovation

The Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show are being replaced by NEONYT Berlin. However, the combination of fashion and sustainability still play a vital role here. NEONYT Berlin presents a mixure of common labels, as well as those of newcomers in the fashion scene. It is know to be the largest global hub in the field of sustainable fashion and is hosted by Messe Frankfurt.



As a sustainable Berlin media agency, Sinnwerkstatt supports responsible companies and organizations in the media-effective communication of their social-ecological idea.


Sourcebook is a B2B network for fashion designers, textile craftsmen, suppliers and service providers of the fashion industry. Sourcebook connects designers, craftsmen and partners from all over the industry. The user has access to current orders and inquiries, industry news and tenders. Sourcebook mediates, advises and supports along the entire process chain from the first idea to the finished serial production.

Sustainable Fashion Matterz

Sustainable Fashion Matterz is an solution focused online media platform promoting the Who is Who of fair, ethical and sustainable fashion. The founder, Cherie Birkner, began to work on the platform after having quit her job as Creative Director of a fast fashion company out of ethical reasons. Alongside inspiring interviews and a curated brand finder they also provide a summery of 'good to know' fashion facts and clarification about what sustainable fashion is.



The ökoRAUSCH Think Tank for Design & Sustainability supports creatives in providing important impulses for society, education, culture and business. It is committed to innovative projects and collaborations that contribute to the enhancement of sustainable values, promote fair and environmentally friendly production and consumption worlds and inspire to lead a green lifestyle. The ökoRAUSCH Think Tank also aims to network the actors of different scenes, share knowledge and invite to mutual inspiration and innovation.