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    Exhibition: Fast Fashion. The downsides of Fashion

    Long term exhibition from 27th os september 2019 to 31st of january 2021

    The exhibition "Fast Fashion. The dark sides of fashion" takes a critical look behind the scenes of the global textile industry. The aim is to encourage visitors to look into the subject of fashion and consumption. The exhibition also introduces the idea of "Slow Fashion". What can both designers and consumers contribute to fashion that is kind to the environment and to people?

    Online tickets can be purchased through "Museum of European Cultures".

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    Symposium – Global, sustainable & fair? Opportunities of the bio-economy for the textile and clothing industry

    There is a growing call for more sustainable fashion and textiles produced under humane conditions. This year, the annual symposium of the HTW Berlin will take place on the topic "Global, sustainable and fair? Opportunities of the bio-economy for the textile and clothing industry". HTW scientists debate together with insiders of the textile and clothing industry. This will be followed by a breakout session with experts.

    They will discuss how far the process of rethinking has progressed and which changes are still necessary. They will talk about supply chains and wages, certificates and seals, initiatives and of course innovations that could bring progress, such as the bio-economy. What opportunities does the bio-economy have on the global clothing market? Will sustainability make the step from niche to mass production?

    The symposium will take place in the digital space. It is part of the Berlin Science Week for the third time.
    Further information on programme and registration can be found here.