30.01.2018 News

Berlin Showroom at the Paris Fashion Week 2018 Berlin Showroom at the Paris Fashion Week 2018

During the Paris Fashion Week, selected collections will be presented at the combined DACH showroom in a new and bigger location.

In 2018, the successful cooperation between the Berlin Showroom, the Austrian Fashion Association and the Mode Suisse will be continued. This year, the combined showroom presents at 300 square metre in the centre of the fashion metropolis Paris, at the Marais. On the 2nd until the 6th of March, selected collections by altogether 30 brands and designers, from newcomer to established brand, will be presented in a showroom vibe.


Berlin Showroom:

AgnesNordenholz | Cruba | Damur | EstherPerbandt FriederikeHaller | Hänska | HienLe | LastHeirs Pugnat | Steinrohner | TataChristiane | VladimirKaraleev

Austrian Fashion Association:

Anelia Peschev | Astrid Deigner | Fateeva | GON Jana Wieland | Published by | Kenneth Ize Mühlbauer | Rudolf Vienna | Sightline | Wendy Jim

Mode Suisse:

After Work Studio | Collective Swallow | Julia Heuer Julian Zigerli | Studio Winkler | Weer | Yvy


To meet the criteria of the decision making process the brand has to be based in berlin. It also has to ensure the production capacity and the unique position. The collections had to win the jury over with their quality and the marketability.

The labels were selected by a jury consisting of the following fashion experts:

  • Melissa Drier (WWD)
  • Herbert Hofmann (Voo Store)
  • Edda Mann (Konk Store)
  • Rune Park (Henrik Vibskov Store)
  • Sebastiano Ragusa (Œ Magazine)
  • Grit Thönnissen (Tagesspiegel)
  • Tanja Mühlhans (SENWEB)
  • Arne Eberle (Berlin Showroom)

Twice a year Berlin-based designer are given the opportunity to present their new and innovative collections to an international audience as part of the Berlin Showroom. The Berlin Showroom was initialised by the “Projekt Zukunft/Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe” and is financed by the „Programm für Internationalisierung“ and at expenses of the EFRE-Fonds.

Berlin Showroom Paris Women Saison Herbst/Winter 2018/19


16 Rue Perrée


02.-06.03.2018; 10.00 am-7.00 pm

Further information:

Projekt Zukunft: https://projektzukunft.berlin.de/
Berlin Showroom Webseite: http://www.berlinshowroom.com/paris-women/