30.06.2016 News

Runway-Kollektionen 29th of June2016 Berlin Fashion Week - Day 2 Runway-Kollektionen 29th of June2016 Berlin Fashion Week - Day 2

The second day with Dorothee Schumacher, Laurèl, Philomena Zanetti and Michael Sontag.

Dorothee Schumacher

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Wednesday morning designer Dorothee Schumacher invited to her show at the Elisabeth Church in Berlin-Mitte. Before it started the guests first enjoyed the nice summer weather in the front garden till they were allowed to come into Schumachers „Dreamworld“. Trend orientated you can see a lot of ruffles arms, arms with high cuts where the arm is worn outside of the cut, military elements like big pockets on cargo-jackets and dresses. Skirts are worn on top of trousers and if not they are still pretty short next summer season. A mix of different elements, which combined perfectly which each other. Next to the summer prints and a lot of white, blue metallic and raincoat materials are a topic.


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Under the slogan "Vive la Vida" the fashion brand Laurèl presented uts Spring/Summer 2017 collection at the Erika Hess icestadium in a packed runway and invited VIPs like Ursula Karven or Cathy Hummels. On the runway there were many bare shoulders and décolletées combined with long skirts and feminen tops. Elisabeth Schwaiger, chief designer of Laurèl wants to revive the feeling for vacation. Bahia, Cancun, Puerto Rico and co are the names for the color themes, which are a rich blue or a bright redorange, in addition to white and cream. Bikinis are worn under elegant hippie tunics and transparent laces- or crochet dresses are the new evening look.

Philomena Zanetti

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The young label Philomena Zanetti presented her spring/summer collection this year at the Stage an essential reduced collection with the topic constructivism of Soviet architecture. Graphical elements are in the main focus. Clear lines and functionality are clearly in the foreground. It omitted details or flashy colors. Zanetti wants to address the restructuring of the fashion world through the regard of sustainability. Cork and paper, materials like organic silk and Tencel are used. The cuts are pragmatic and summery functional.

Michael Sontag

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The known Berlin designer is back and presented on wednesday evening his new collection . A big surprise this time is that Sontag designed men 's clothing for the first time which adaots the typical Sontag draping womenswear look. The popular sculptural dresses were as hoped reinterpreted with silky fabrics again. Asymmetry is used and unobtrusive colors are, as you would expect from the designer . With this old famous cuts new styles like bras worn visibly under shirts and combined with skirt are part of the collection. Laces act as new eye-catcher . The men's collection in comparison is a kind of inconspicuous: straight-cut trousers, trench coats and unobtrusive fit draped shirts.